Why Hire A Professional Landscape Lighting Company

Professional Landscape Lighting for your Maryland, DC, or Northern VA home

Learn the Benefits of Hiring A Pro

If you could hire an MLB player to be on the company softball team, you would right?

It's the same thing when it comes to landscape lighting. A DIY project can be fun at first, but from personal experience, there can be a lot of little setbacks which lead to frustration and too much money spent, even when it comes to fixing outdoor lights.

You can avoid this entire experience by hiring a landscape lighting company.

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You can keep reading to see how hiring a professional outdoor lighting company can be a great idea. Also, you can check out this video below to see the pro's in action:

Less Work For You

Installing landscape lighting is a hassle. You're outside in the elements (sunburn is almost a guarantee), you may have to dig a little to hide some of the wire, putting together the fixtures, then when it's all set up you'll want to see it at night, and then you may have to redo some of it the next day. A professional landscape lighting company does this for you! They also take care of any regulations, codes, or permits the job may require. They'll also do the design work.

Premier Outdoor professional landscape lighting doing the hard work

Quality Design

This isn't to say if you design it yourself it won't be as good. You may have some great ideas that a pro can incorporate into the design for your home. A professional outdoor lighting designer has the knowledge and experience of illuminating homes using pro lighting techniques. They can add curb appeal and increase safety for your home at the same time! They can use uplights, bollard lights, wall grazing, silhouetting, and the other techniques at their disposal.

Look at the design on the Dugan home below:

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Want To See The 2019 Lighting Trends?

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Other Professional Perks

  • No risk of accidental electrocution to you
  • High-quality fixtures come with the installation
  • Hassle-free installation
  • Less chance of accidental electrical fire
  • Option for professional maintenance with whoever installs them (including troubleshooting)
  • Save time, which means your yard won't look like a workshop for as long
A 4 man Premier Outdoor Lighting crew

The Professional Experience

Hiring a pro is more than getting someone to do the job, it's an experience. From design to clean up the installation crew is there with you, so you'll want it to be a great company right?

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