What Are Bollard Lights & How Do You Use Them?

Bollard Light Fixtures For Brightening Your Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virginia Home

What Are Bollard Lights?

You can use bollard lights to brighten your landscape!

Combine the visibility of overhead lights with the easy installation and maintenance of ground-level lights.

Bollards can be the best of both.

Bollard lights are simply lights on a bollard. Bollards are posts meant to form a boundary, like those permanently blocking off a street from cars. The lights are an addition so that the bollards can:

  • Illuminate walkways and landscaping
  • Provide an amazing aesthetic
  • Be seen by people
  • Be an effective barrier

But you can also use them to brighten your outdoor areas.

Let’s talk about how you can best use bollard lights.

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Large bollard fixtures along path
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3 Of The Best Uses For Bollard Lights

You can bring a great look with an amazing function using these types of lights:

1. Brighten Pathways

Show people where to walk so they don’t go through the plants.

2. Illuminate Driveways

Keep people on the driveway so your plants don’t get tire marks.

3. Enlighten Natural Areas

Show off the amazing landscaping around your home.

Bollard light fixtures along a path
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You can choose from a variety of styles, sizes, and lighting options.

Let’s take a look at 4 options for bollard lights.

4 Options For Bollard Light Styles

Bollard light fixtures can be round or square, flat or dome top, and have different reflectors inside.

You can use these reflectors to restrict the lights on bollard posts.

This means keeping the light from shining into people’s homes or where it doesn’t need to shine.

The sizes vary too, anywhere from about 2 feet to 3 ½.

Access fixtures types of bollard lights

1. Louver

The light points towards the ground and the bulb can’t be seen, making it great for paths, natural areas, and oceanfront properties.

2. Standard Cone Reflector

The light shines 360 degrees, lighting everything around it.

3. Specialized Cone Reflector

Best for LED bollard lights because they reflect the light down and out, minimizing glare and light pollution.

4. Type V Glass Reflectors

Creates a more intense, 360-degree lighting, making it best if you’re trying to use fewer fixtures.

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Setting Up Bollard Lights

Don’t use straight lines.

Airplane runways use straight lines, and we don’t think you’re trying to have that style.

You can avoid this by staggering the lights.

Installing them in more of a zig-zag pattern can make it look more interesting and unique.

If you’re using them to light a driveway, make sure they are far enough away from the edge so doors won’t bang into them.

Bollard lights beat car doors.

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Access fixtures types of bollard lights

Bollard Fixtures Can Brighten Your Night

Bollard lights can do wonders for any yard! But they aren’t the only type of light. There are many more light types that can brighten your home at night.

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