These 3 Types Of Outdoor Light Bulbs Work The Best

Find The Best Outdoor Bulb For Your Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virginia Landscape
Best type of outdoor light bulb MR16 LED

There are 3 types of outdoor light bulbs everyone should use. One of them is way better than the rest, but the other two are still good light bulbs.

Find out what they all are and what makes them great below-

We Need New Bulbs

“I’m tired of dealing with this nonsense.”

Jack frowns at the light bulb in his hand. After trying several ways to fix landscape lights he figured out that the type of bulb was the real problem. 

Outdoor light in the ground

He throws away the lightbulb on his way inside. “Margaret, I’m going to find a new type of outdoor light bulb for our landscape lights.” Jack starts walking upstairs to his computer. “Finally tired of dealing with the ones we have, huh?” he hears behind him.

Jack gets on his computer and looks up outdoor light bulb types on Google.

Here are the 3 best ones he finds-

The Best Types Of Outdoor Light Bulbs

The best type of outdoor light bulb is an MR16 lamp (Multifaceted Reflector with a 16/8 inch diameter). The best type of light for these is an LED. After that, you can use halogen and incandescent types of lights. 

Jack goes and shares this with Margaret. “Why are LEDs the best?” Margaret asks him.

The first picture on this page is an MR16 LED

Landscape lighting design with well placed pathway lights

Why LEDs Are The Best Bulb

“They only seem more expensive at first.”

Let’s go ahead and get this out of the way- LEDs are the most expensive type of light bulb. But that’s only when you buy them. After that, well, LEDs can shine for about 11 years (40,000 hours). 

“This means we don’t have to buy new ones every few months. Plus they use less energy which means we save money,” Jack finishes. 

“And then that’s one less thing for us to have to do or stress about,” Margaret smiles. 

Pathway and garden lights

About 11 Years Later…

Jack smiles at the LED light bulb in his hand. It’s the same one he used to replace the halogen bulb a long time ago. He walks inside to get Margaret and go buy some new LED bulbs.