Residential Facade & Front Door Lighting Services In Maryland, DC, And Northern Virginia

 Bring out the best of your home’s exterior


Does Your Facade Need Lighting?

The exterior of a home doesn’t have to be just for functionality, it can be utilized for beauty too! This is why a lot of homes use brick these days.

The best part of this is that the aesthetics can be intensified at night by lighting the exterior. It’s your best shot to make your house look like it should be featured in an HGTV magazine article.

We’ll admit that there is a limit to the amount of lights you need. It doesn’t need to look like Times Square, but a few strategically placed lights can bring out the best of your exterior.

Without outdoor lighting, your exterior walls may appear dark/drab. The architectural aspects are hidden.

Want To Add Some Facade Lighting?

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Show Off Your Facade

Facade lighting can show off your home’s exterior in many ways, such as:

  • Adding safety
  • Accentuating the outline of your home
  • Showing off the patterns in the exterior materials
  • Putting emphasis on certain architectural features
  • The contrast between light and shadow will show off the texture of the exterior, giving your walls a 3-D effect

Make your house stand out from the rest! Your home will look warm and be inviting as a place you’ll love to come to at the end of every day. You can play with different types of lights, settings, distance, and other aspects to see what lighting you prefer.

Need To Change Your Front Door Darkness?

Walking up to a dark doorway can have the same feeling as when walking into a cave. It can seem spooky, discomforting, and uninviting, almost as if something is waiting to jump out at you. You probably don’t want this to be associated with your home.

Most of the people we know want their home to feel like a safe place, one that is warm and happy. Exterior lighting can help you achieve this and solve other problems dark houses have, such as:

  • Less security: dark entranceways make it harder to see who is ringing the door bell late at night
  • Can’t see the house number: guests and delivery drivers will have a much harder time locating your house if they can’t see the address
  • Missing the keyhole and scratching the door: scratches are unsightly and mean either getting the whole door painted or buying a new door

No homeowner wants any of these problems, so they take care of it with:

Front door lights.

Benefits of Front Door Lighting

Adding a bit of light to the front door can go a long way! 

Walking up to a bright front door can put a spring in your step and bring a smile to your face. There may even be a certain excitement building inside you to get inside and be at home, maybe for downtime time after work or to see the family. When it comes to outdoor lighting, there’s nothing better than a radiant front door to light your way home.

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