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Add lights to your walkways to increase visibility around where you and your guests are stepping

The Pain of Pathways

Pathway Lighting Around Northern Virginia Home

You probably know the paths around your house like the back of your hand. You know, the one leading up to the front door with the flowers alongside it and the one in the back with the stone steps.

It’s second nature for you to make your way around outside at night. Well, what about for guests and family members that don’t walk on those steps every single day? Pathways around the house and yard aren’t the safest at night because those unfamiliar with them aren’t always able to see:

  • Stepping stones set into the ground that can be tripped over
  • Roots that come through the ground and cause stumbles
  • Stairs that can be hard to navigate

Everyone knows that stubbed toes, scrapes, or even a sprained ankle can ruin anyone’s night.

Besides friends and family members, what else do you have around pathways that you want to protect? Flowers and small plants are easily damaged or killed when stepped on, accident or not.

Wouldn’t it make sense to keep friends, family, and your gardens safe at night?

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Solving Your Pathway Pains With Landscape Lighting


All you need to do is have pathway lighting installed!

What will pathway lights do for you? Here are some of the reasons clients put them in:

  • It helps to prevent falls when walking around the yard at night
  • They were tired of people walking on their beautiful lawns and plants
  • It highlights their paths, making these walkways stand out and inviting for people to use

Your family will love the look and the fact that they can use the path without worry.

If you want to show off some prized garden plants around your yard, pathway lights are a perfect choice. People won’t have to spend so much time watching where they are going that they can enjoy the scenery and take in your garden.

Professionals like Premier Outdoor Lighting Of Maryland can place different lights in ways that illuminate the best features along a pathway. With the wiring hidden underground, your pathways will pop while keeping everyone safer at night!

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