Rabbitt Outdoor Lighting Installation Project In Annapolis

Making The Rabbitt Home Safer And More Beautiful In Annapolis, Maryland With Outdoor Lighting

Would you want your guests to guess where to step?

Walking around your home when it’s dark isn’t easy when there aren’t any lights to illuminate the path. Imagine what it’s like when it’s dark, there are stairs, and you’re a first time guest.

It doesn’t sound pleasant.

Of course almost anyone today can pull out their phone and use the flashlight, but many homeowners, like the Rabbitts, don’t want them to have to do that. They want something more for their guests and their landscape.

This is why the Rabbitt family chose to install outdoor lights around their Annapolis, Maryland home.

Rabbitt home in Annapolis Maryland before outdoor lighting installation

Their goal is two-fold: safety and beauty. Outdoor lighting can show people where it is safe to step and cast a gentle glow on the area. Let’s take a closer look at their problem.

You can see our team’s process for the Rabbitt’s project here:

The Rabbitt’s Outdoor Lighting Problem

It’s not easy for the Rabbitt family to walk up and down their outdoor stairs when it’s dark, and they have it easier than most. At least they know where to step because they know the layout. They walk these paths and stairs almost every day.

But their guests have a much harder time. They don’t know what it looks like or where to step.

The Rabbitt house has 2 areas where this is a problem: their deck stairs and the stone stairs on the side. They need someone to illuminate it for them.

Why They Choose Premier Outdoor Lighting

The Rabbitts do their due diligence and research outdoor lighting companies in and near Annapolis.

One is the clear winner: Premier Outdoor Lighting. Andrew, the team member they talk to, does something different from the others: he talks to them about their problem.

The reason the Rabbit family chose to work with us is simple. It’s because Andrew took the time to actually discuss their problem and viable solutions in detail. He shows interest in their project and solution.

After talking design and plans, the only thing left is to put it in motion.

You can watch a video covering our process >>

Their Solution In Action

The Premier team arrives on a beautiful day right next to the Severn River. They have their equipment, mentality, and project details.

This video shows you what happens:

The Rabbitts outdoor lighting project is a great success! They and their guests can now see where to walk and it looks amazing too.

You could have something like this for you and your guests.

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