Outdoor Lighting Maintenance

Maintain lighting for your Maryland, DC, or Northern VA home

Keep Your Lights Burning Bright With Outdoor Lighting Maintenance

You like it when your car's working properly right? Nobody lets their car's oil sit for too long over the mileage the mechanic recommends because it's bad for the car. It can even lead to even more costly repairs than a simple oil change. But if you maintain it and keep everything up to date, your car could be driving well for years.

Everyone wants what they have to work and work well, and to do so they need regular maintenance. The same goes for your outdoor lighting, and if you don't know what's wrong with them, try troubleshooting the system.

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Outdoor lighting maintenance can keep your lights looking amazing as always, like this house's lights

Protect Your Lights With Maintenance

Cut Back Plant Growth

Plants like light sources a bit too much. They have a tendency to grow in front of and around any nearby light fixtures, so be sure to trim them back. Otherwise, you may startle people with the new shadows appearing on your walls. It also helps prevent any damage from occurring to the lights.

Remove Debris

Lights, as clean and bright as they seem, can and do get dirty. If you want them to keep illuminating your property properly, give them a good cleaning. Get rid of any mud, leaves, dead insects, and whatever else could block the light. You want your uplights working correctly right?

Check for Fixture Damage

Sleet, rain, heat, and all sorts of inclement weather can cause damage to your fixtures. Fading paint, scratches, cracks, and rust are some examples of what can happen over time. You may need to order parts to be able to fix your outdoor lights.

Clean Those Fixtures

If they don't need painting or repair go ahead and clean them. Clean the metal or plastic parts before you get to the glass. This can mostly be done with soapy water and a rag, but you can use stronger substances if necessary (make sure it doesn't damage the metal by trying it on a small area first). Then give them a nice polish with the substance made to polish that type of metal. While you're at it, why not see if they could use a fresh coat of paint.

For some metals you can apply wax (like car wax) once or twice a year for extra protection.

outdoor lights during winter need maintenance

Replace Burnt Bulbs

Bulbs burn out and need replacement. It's a fact of life, like how when you're burnt out you need sleep. Even LEDs can shine less brightly over time. When they do burn out, you can choose to replace them with another type of bulb, such as LED or halogen.


The ground isn't always still. It moves and shifts, which means your lights can too. Make sure they're all still lighting what you want them to the way you want them to. It could also be a good time to change the positioning or type of lighting entirely to keep up with the look of your yard.

I Spy Cables

Accidentally cutting a cable is the worst, like breaking a chain on your bicycle. Without it, it won't work and you've got to get a new one and replace it before you can enjoy it. Cables can be dug up by dogs or curious kids, freezing and thawing ground can shift it up, and can become exposed if under high-traffic areas. If you see any, check them for damage before re-burying them.

beautiful outdoor lighting near lake kept that way with regular outdoor lighting maintenance

And That's Outdoor Lighting Maintenance

Congratulations, you've given your exterior lights a few more years of life with these simple maintenance steps. Outdoor lighting maintenance is important, so remember to check them every so often, especially after big storms. Maintenance also includes replacing any broken fixtures, which can be a great time to install new outdoor lights, so make it a DIY project or call a lighting contractor today.

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