Landscape Lighting Installation In Burtonsville, Maryland

What lighting can do for your Maryland, DC, or Northern VA home

Renovating The Old Landscape Lighting

Let’s shed some light on the situation. The setting was a large home tucked away in the woods. Top quality fixtures and LED lights were in place, which kept the house well light at night. Several trees had uplights and there were accent lights on certain features of the house.

Around back, an irregularly cut flagstone path led to a massive stone bridge which went over a swale to another flagstone walkway. There was even a small stone fountain! No matter how amazing it was, it still couldn’t be seen well at night.

The outdoor lights were professionally installed, but the problem was that they were almost 10 years old. It was time to update the fixtures and the overall design. Let’s dive into what happened next.

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Not so well planned lighting (it's also old enough to need replacing)

How We Transformed This Home

After the initial investigation, Premier Lighting put a plan and a team together.

The goal was simple: enough light for safe passage across the bridge and path, but not so much that it would wash out the area. The first to go was the old lighting. It was going to be replaced by quality brass fixtures and a transformer.

Lights were put around the perimeter of the circle and pathway lighting was put in place. Accent lights were used to highlight the water feature and make it stand out more. The stone bridge was made to stand out more too.

Round natural area with path in middle of circle driveway beautifully lit

Uplights under the bridge gave it depth and character, making it seem as though the bridge was floating above the swale. After the lights were installed they were connected by wires to the transformer.

When the lights came on, the island took on a new, amazing look. It became the new focal point.

Pathway Lighting Around Northern Virginia Home

Brightening Homes In Burtonsville, MD

One of the best parts about this renovation was the island now blended nicely with the rest of the outdoor lighting. You couldn’t help but stop and admire the view before going towards the house. Altogether, the new exterior lighting helps pull the house and the yard together.

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