What Is Dark Sky Outdoor Lighting

Dark Sky Outdoor Lighting for your Maryland, DC, or Northern Virginia home

Minimizing Light Pollution

Dark sky regulations help save animals like baby sea turtles. In many areas the lights are so bright they actually disrupt many natural cycles. The reason the lights do this is that they are improperly shielded and the light travels upward, brightening the sky. Being dark sky compliant isn't difficult and benefits the environment and your area.

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Dark sky compliant lights are shielded to direct the light downwards

How To Be Dark Sky Compliant

Use Shielded Lights

Deploy your light shields and keep the light from escaping! These can do more than protect the environment from light pollution, it can also benefit you. Light shields can cut down on glare and help people see better at night.

Garden/path light with shield to be dark sky outdoor lighting compliant

Invest In LED Lights

LED or halogen - which is the better type of bulb? LED lights are beneficial because they are:

  • Energy efficient
  • Dimmable
  • Longer lifespan
  • Don't get too hot

Make sure to get warmer color bulbs to further cut down on light pollution

You'll also want to find bulbs in this wattage range >>

LED bulbs are great dark sky outdoor lights

Use Bulbs With Warmer Colors

Light comes on a spectrum measured in Kelvins. Most lights, LEDs especially, have large amounts of blue light. Blue light is easier to see in but it's also a major contributor to light pollution. To get around this, you can use bulbs that are no more than 3,000 Kelvin, which is closer to yellow in color.

These warmer colored bulbs also attract fewer types of insects >>

Switch To Dark Sky Outdoor Lighting

All of these are ways you can make your lights dark sky compliant. You can further reduce light pollution by only using lights when you need them and not using too many of them. It is possible to have amazing landscape lighting while still following the dark sky rules.

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