Basic Hardscape Lighting Ideas

Hardscape Lighting for your Maryland, DC, or Northern VA home

Light Up Your Outdoor Room

Does a room need to have a roof and walls? Patios, decks, even gazebos are like an outdoor extension of the home. Unfortunately, lights don't always come with the outdoor options. Leaving them unlit makes them harder to use at night if you even can. Dark outdoor areas are only good for viewing stars, and if you have lights you can easily turn them off to better see the night sky. Add the best brands of outdoor lights to add a new way to experience your home! Keep reading to find out some lights you can use and how to use them.

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deck at night with lights on a table

Lights for Hardscapes

Piermount/Postmount Lights

You're lights! This type of light can be put on the tops of posts or structures, making them perfect for gates, fences, and even surrounding a deck. It's a great way to show off the side rails on your deck or create a soft boundary for guests. You can also use bollard lights for this purpose.

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Step Lights

Stay a step ahead of the dark with step lights. Going up or down steps in the dark can be nerve-wracking. One misstep and you could go down the fast way. Keep yourself and any guests safe from a fall with step lights. You can place them on the vertical part of the stair (the part you don't step on) or you can have them going along beside the stairs. They're also great for showing the paint or stain job on your stairs. You know what else can be shown off with some lights?

Close up of stair lighting on the vertical part of the actual step

Hardscape Strip Lights

Get down like Kool and the Gang and add some downlights to your walls! Most people only see walls as, well, walls. Functional pieces of material keeping us safe, marking out boundaries, and adding some great design to your landscape. Add some flair to your walls with strip lights and brighten them up. These strip lights are perfect for accenting walls. Show off the patterns in the stone, create a washing or grazing effect, and turn your walls into a work of art. Uplights are also good for lighting up walls.

You can also put strip lights or string lights around the inside-top of outdoor structures

Have you thought about recessed lighting?

down lighting for an outdoor patio with wood slat ceiling

Recessed Lights

Columns of light shooting from the ground into the night sky! This is what you can achieve with recessed lights, also known as well-lights. They are mostly even with the ground, making them a great option for areas with high foot traffic. As a type of uplighting, well lights have many uses, such as highlighting walls, art, or even creating a soft boundary of light around pools and ponds. If you don't like the recessed look, check out pendant (hanging) lights >>

recessed ceiling patio lights

It's Easy to Light Your Hardscape

Installing hardscape lighting can help you to better enjoy the outdoor room you have in the back. You can have family time and events, some laid-back get-togethers, or even throw some parties! You can also add in certain color lights that attract fewer bugs. Not only do outdoor lights help you have more fun in your yard, they also add a layer of protection if you know where to place security lights.

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