How To Fix Outdoor Lighting

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Common Outdoor Lighting Problems and Solutions

Firstly, common doesn't have to mean often, so your outdoor lights shouldn't need fixing all the time. If they do, you'll want a different outdoor lighting company to look at the system. But, there are problems many homeowners have with their landscape lights and they'd like to know the solution for themselves, whether it be one or more dim lights, lamps burning out quickly, or any other problem. Thankfully, every problem has a solution. Read on to find out how to fix outdoor lighting!

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Lamps Burning Out Too Quickly

Are the bulbs burning out way too fast? This can be a problem because you'll go through light bulbs quicker than a golfer does golf balls. First, check the lifespan of the bulbs. Some have a short span of around 300 hours, so the bulbs need regular disposing of. If this isn't the problem, you can fix it by moving the cable down to a lower voltage tap or increasing the wattage load.

How to fix outdoor lighting- quick burn out bulbs

Lamp Closest To Transformer Dies Rapidly

Is the light closest to the transformer the weakest link? The problem can be excessive voltage at the lamp, and you can fix it! If it's only one fixture closest to the transformer, run a 16 gauge cable to it only. This can create voltage loss due to resistance by the skinnier cable and help keep the bulb burning longer.

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Lights Are Yellow/Golden Color

Sometimes lights won't shine the right color or as brightly as they should. This can happen when the voltage is too low. You can change this by moving the cable to the next highest voltage tap. Another fix is to reduce the load on the cable by attaching a different cable to some of the lights.

Yellow-gold light bulb due to it not getting enough voltage

Fixtures Have White Spots

It's like washing a car in the hot sun and you get spots, but this time it's your sprinklers hitting hot lights. You can fix this by rescheduling your sprinklers to come on when the lights are off. To remove existing spots, you can use Lime Away bathroom cleaner. During this, it could be a perfect time to see if you want or need to paint your light fixtures.

Fixing Your Outdoor Lighting

Don't let your house be in the dark! Outdoor lighting is meant to brighten your home, make it feel welcoming, and you can keep it this way be learning how to fix outdoor lighting. Sometimes the problem isn't always as clear though. You might have to troubleshoot your landscape lighting to identify what the problem may be.

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