Brightening a Home in Ellicott City, Maryland

Premier Lighting Illuminates the Dugan Home

We Brought The Lights

Mike and Bonnie Dugan like to entertain at their home in Ellicott City, Maryland. Unfortunately, their house was shadowy at night. The few lights they did have were in need of renovation. Their front door is off to the side and hard to see, but they were concerned that too much lighting would make their home look like an amusement park. They saw their son's outdoor lighting and really liked it, so it was fresh on their minds when Premier Ponds showed up.

After having their pond installed by Premier Ponds, they decided to go for some outdoor lighting as well. If you're going to improve your home, might as well go all the way right? The Dugan's did and they're happier for it. We installed a few different types of outdoor lights (though we stuck to the best brands), so keep reading to find out what we did.

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Mike and Bonnie Dugan looking excited to see their Premier yard

The Ellicott City Project Begins!

The Dugan home was already beautiful during the day. They had wonderful landscaping work and a beautiful pond in the back. There was one problem: it was only visible during the day. At night it was shadows and darkness. Mike and Bonnie decided to fix this problem by installing some outdoor lighting with Premier Outdoor Lighting of Maryland. Since we already knew the layout of their property, it made our lighting process even easier than it already is. If you want to know why Mike and Bonnie hired us, check out the video! Then, keep reading for more details.

The Dugans had some tiki lighting installed around back by the pool and pond, some uplighting for trees, and some path/natural area lighting. About 25-30 fixtures were used in the 15-hour installation process. The tiki lights took about half day and they liked them so much they decided to add more! After two more visits, we made their home come alive at night. The total cost for this project? About $19,000. Keep reading to find out why.

tiki lights in Dugan Ellicott city home


The uplighting we did for the Dugan Ellicott Coty home was for the trees. The play of the light off of the branches casts interesting shadows that play within the light. The highlighting of the trees made them spring to life! It also helps tall people see the low-hanging branches. Beauty can be best when it serves a function as well. A lighting strategy that does both is wall grazing, which is covered in the next paragraph.

Andrew Lingan (co-owner) installing lights

Wall Grazing

Did you ever think you could use light to make walls into art? Textured walls, ones with nooks, crannies, hills and the like work great for wall grazing. The lights highlight the wall and limit the shadows, which makes them fun to look at. The shadows and lights playing off of each other, both limiting and enhancing each other at the same time.

Outdoor lighting at the Dugan home in Silver Spring

The Easy and the Hard of the Project

The easiest part of this project was working with the Dugans. They know how good of a job our pond guys do, so they trusted us completely with their outdoor lighting. They weren't disappointed. The hardest part of the job was wiring through a retaining wall. Yes, through it. The wall was made of cemented-together blocks, so we had to get the wire through it without damaging it. We managed to do it, but it sure was difficult. It was worth the effort.

Premier Lighting crew installing lights at Dugan home in Ellicott city

Delighting the Dugans

Mike and Bonnie love the outdoor lighting for their Ellicott City home. It brings their front yard natural areas to life, beautifies their home, adds security, and helps people see where to walk. Sometimes the beauty of an object lies in its function, but with lights, the function is the beauty. That's what we were able to give the Dugans. You can learn more about our process by looking at another of our project profiles.

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