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Landscape Lighting Costs For Maryland Homes

Know The Cost Of Landscape Lighting For Your Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virginia Home

How Much Does Outdoor Landscape Lighting Cost?

Your first question about outdoor lighting is probably the same as everyone else’s: how much does it cost?

We get this question all the time because the truth is, you can’t find a set price. It’s frustrating not being able to find a concrete answer to this question.

Well, then what’s the point of this post if there isn’t an answer?

While we cannot tell you one exact number, there is a range of pricing that we can give you as well as 3 main causes that can cause the cost of your landscape lighting to change.

Beautiful view of landscape lights illuminating trees, paths, and a koi pond

Anyone should be able to find out the price of what they want to purchase. Especially when it’s a big project like landscape lighting.

You can become one of the informed few by reading this post we put together.

Let’s start with the cost range of landscape lighting in Maryland.

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The Cost Range Of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting costs can range from $200 – $20,000 and higher. It all depends on several different choices that you will need to make when getting landscape lighting. This can include job complexity, fixture type, amount of fixtures, and whether you DIY or hire a professional lighting contractor.

Choose the DIY route only if you have experience working with electrical equipment as this is not the safest project for beginners.

Let’s look a little deeper into these 3 cost factors.

Working on a landscape lighting transformer

1. Job Complexity

Doctors and lawyers tend to make more money because their jobs are more complex.

It’s the same situation here.

If your project is more elaborate it will cost extra money, and it could be for a few of these reasons:

  • More fixtures (which will need wires, bulbs, etc)
  • May need to hire a professional for design and installation
  • Increase in labor for yourself or a crew
  • Harder installation (underwater or in trees)
Andrew installing an uplight for a cool tree with twisted branches

You will also be spending more time with an elaborate landscape lighting project. Time you could be spending doing what’s more important to you.

Less complex jobs will be easier and less expensive.

Now let’s look at how the fixture type you choose can also affect landscape lighting costs.

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2. Fixture Type

You could choose one of the 3 best landscape lighting brands.

We use one of them and clients love it.

Picture taken and modified (no labels) from
Picture taken and modified (no labels) from

They may cost more than what you had in mind, but only in upfront costs. In the long run, you should spend less time and money cleaning, repairing, and replacing quality fixtures.

Cheap fixtures are cheap because they aren’t meant to last. If it costs less than $100 per fixture it probably won’t last too long.

Contractors should use higher end fixtures (like we do). High-end fixtures installed by a professional contractor can start at $500 each, but they come under warranty and are meant to last.

Speaking of contractors, let’s see how they can affect the cost of your landscape lighting project.

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3. DIY Project Or Hire A Professional?

You could go to a home improvement store, pick up some fixtures and bulbs, and do it yourself.

The fixtures can cost $10-$100 per unit and installing them yourself can save money. Then you’ll also need a transformer, wiring, wire connectors, and the other costs of landscape lighting.

But you could end up wasting a lot of time if it doesn’t live up to your expectations.

Even if it’s to get that perfect lighting, you probably don’t want to climb a 25-foot tree to install a moonlight (we don’t recommend it unless you are a professional landscape lighting contractor).

Moonlights high up in the trees

It can be scary up there if you haven’t done it before.

DIY is a lot easier if you choose solar lights. Solar and wired lights have their pros and cons, and one pro for solar lights are you can easily install them yourself.

For most, you simply need to stake them in the ground:

Solar power light sticking out of the grass

Wired lights may take a hand with more practice.

Working with electricity is not the safest practice for those who don’t have a lot of experience.

If you want quality fixtures, design, and experience, a good professional landscape lighting company is the way to go.

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An Example Of Landscape Lighting Costs

Imagine you are now living in a single-family home.

It’s a ¼ acre lot, the lights are mid-to-upper range LED, the fixtures are $500 per unit, and a professional company has been hired.

Premier Lighting crew installing lights at Dugan home in Ellicott city

Landscape Lighting In The Front Yard

You want to illuminate your trees, paths, and the exterior features of your home.

This could need about 15 fixtures to install depending on the layout and your design preferences. Then there’s the labor, transformer, and other parts too.

Spectacular front yard lighting well worth the cost

With normal installation conditions, this front yard lighting could go for about $8,000.

Now let’s move on to the landscape lighting for your back yard.

Landscape Lighting In The Back Yard

If you are like most homeowners, your backyard will probably have more landscape lighting than the front.

There is usually more area to light, hardscapes, and obstacles. Back yards are more complex, and if you read up to this point you know what that means – higher cost.

Beautiful path lighting as well as tree and statue illumination

If you want 25 fixtures (including a transformer and etc), you could be looking at a $13,000 project.

Total landscape lighting cost: $21,000

Now your home is beautifully lit at night, giving a warm and welcoming vibe.

The Cost Of Your Landscape Lighting Is Up To You

What do you want from your landscape lights?

Whatever it is, that will be the main personal factor affecting the cost. In the end, if you purchase quality materials and hire a great landscape lighting company, you may find the money was well worth it.

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