5 Valuable Benefits Of Landscape Lighting For Your Home

There Are 5 Main Reasons Maryland, DC, And Northern Virginia Homeowners Are Getting Landscape Lighting
A benefit of landscape lighting is it increases curb appeal

Landscape lighting only deters criminals if you use them a certain way. You can find out how along with the other benefits of landscape lighting. They can change the way you feel about your home and interact with it.

You can find the 5 benefits in the post below-

Prove It.

“Prove to me that landscape lights are worth the investment.”

House beautifully lit up at night with led lights

Kelly smiles, knowing she now has the upper hand on Ryan. She knew he’d say something like this so she came prepared.

Once she tells him about the 5 benefits of landscape lighting he’ll at least be on board with the idea.

Kelly gets out her phone and goes to the page she bookmarked. It has what she needs to convince Ryan that outdoor lighting for their home is a good idea.

Here are the 5 benefits she found-

5 Valuable Benefits Of Landscape Lighting

The 5 main benefits of landscape lighting are:

  1. Expanding your space
  2. Heightening curb appeal
  3. Enhancing your property’s value
  4. Highlighting your yard decor
  5. Increasing safety
Pathway lights bring safety benefits

“Those are some pretty good sounding benefits,” Ryan says as he leans forward in his chair. “Tell more more about how they’ll benefit us and our home.”

Kelly smiles again and scrolls down to the details.

1. Expanding Your Space

“How do you mean? It’s not like landscape lighting will let us take over our neighbor’s area.”

String lights brightening an outdoor living space is a great benefit of landscape lighting

No, but it will allow you to make the most of your outdoor area! You can use your deck, patio, or lawn at night with landscape lighting.

“We can have dinners outside and enjoy the nice weather while we have it. I can see string lights winding their way through deck rails or pergola ceilings, landscape moon lighting cascading down onto a patio, or something like that,” Kelly sighs dreamily.

Plus, landscape lighting can make your outdoor area beautiful at night.

Lighting in a pergola over an outdoor living space

“Ok, so we can use our outdoor space at night. That would be nice,” Ryan says thoughtfully. Kelly scrolls to the next benefit of landscape lighting.

2. Heightening Your Curb Appeal

“I can see this being a thing.”

“When I pull up to our home it looks like a square shape squatting in the darkness. You can’t even see any of our beautiful plants! We’ve passed by homes with outdoor lighting and they look so much better than the dark ones without.”

Front door landscape lighting is beneficial for you and guests

“I have to admit, you’re right about that,” Ryan says with a nod. He can’t ignore that benefit of landscape lighting.

“And because it looks better…” Kelly continues as she scrolls down.

3. Enhancing Your Property’s Value

“…it can increase our property value!”

A benefit of landscape lighting is it highlights key points

It’s all about value. Landscape lights increase the perceived value of a home. This means people value it more because of the lighting. All the benefits of landscape lighting help increase the value people see in a home.

Backyard landscape lighting looking beautiful

“And the more they value it the more they’re willing to invest in it,” Ryan realizes.

“Plus WE will enjoy being at home more. Pulling up to a home with outdoor lighting gives me a warm, inviting feeling. It let’s me know I’m home,” Kelly says with small smile.

She scrolls on to the next benefit of landscape lighting.

4. Highlighting Your Yard Decor

“Remember how I said earlier we can’t see our plants out front at night?”

Pathway and garden lights

“With landscape lighting, we (and other people) can see and admire the best parts of our landscape. We can draw attention to prized plants, splendid statues, artistic architecture, and other parts of our home.”

Pond lighting around and in the water

This extends to lighting water features, even under the water! Pond lighting is beautiful and helps you enjoy your water feature more. Plus, it makes the pond safer to be around at night.

“Now safety is a huge benefit of landscape lighting,” Kelly continues as she scrolls to the final benefit.

5. Increasing Safety

“By deterring criminals, right?” Ryan guesses.

Flood lights can increase safety for homes

“Sort of, but not really. Most break-ins happen between 10am – 3pm because that’s when people aren’t home. Landscape lighting doesn’t really play a role in that. It can help a bit though,” Kelly counters. “They do help if someone is around to see any suspicious activity.”

“But you can deter any would-be criminals using timers. Put your indoor lights on timers that turn on and off at different times. Having and using an alarm system is even better.”

Ryan frowns, asking “Then how is increasing safety a benefit of landscape lighting if it doesn’t matter?”

Pathway lights increase safety for you and guests

“Landscape lights increase safety for us and our guests. And maybe our grass and plants. Lights along pathways make it easier for people to see where they’re walking. Driveway lights keep people on the driveway and out of lawns and ditches. Front door lights are comforting because people aren’t waiting on us in the dark. Don’t forget about backyard pond lights!”

Kelly looks at Ryan to see how he’s reacting to this information.

Will These Benefits Of Landscape Lighting Be Enough?

“Well, the weather will be getting nice soon and we’ll want to be outside more,” Ryan thinks aloud. “They do seem worth it, but I don’t want to make a decision until we look into the costs of landscape lighting,” he finishes.