Bug Lights For Your Landscape

Bug Lights for your Maryland, DC, or Northern VA home

Keep Those Bugs At Bay

You can learn about bug lights here and say "sayonara bloodsuckers"! There is a whole mystery behind whether or not these lights actually work at keeping bugs at bay. The answer is both yes and no. Bug lights can greatly reduce the number of insects coming around but there is no sure-fire way of keeping all of them away. What these lights can do is help you get the most from your outdoor space, without the high-pitch whining in your ears.

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Real life bug light in yellow color

How Do Bug Lights Work?

These types of lights are mostly yellow because most insects don't see that part of the color spectrum very well. Looking at the visual below, starting around 590 (Y for yellow) and continuing to the left are the colors that are harder for insects to see. Yellow is the happy medium where it attracts fewer insects but we humans can still see well. This makes them great for lighting outdoor areas like decks.

Visible spectrum to demonstrate bug lights

Do Bug Lights Work?

That's a yes and a no answer. They can decrease the number of insects coming around, but some insects can still see the ever-so-slight blue light coming from it. I recently installed a bug light outside my back door and immediately the number of bugs around it dropped. Some do still come around every so often, but not enough to bother anyone. Bug lights are less attractive to insects, which means they are more likely to not come around. You can increase its effectiveness by installing a normal light in an area with low foot traffic to attract insects there instead.

Yellow lights attract fewer bugs

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space

Too many bugs can ruin any outdoor event, especially if food is involved. Installing these lights can help you enjoy your outdoor area at night without the buzzing and whining of insects in your ears. Cookouts, parties, and other events can now be enjoyable for you and your guests as those pesky insects find another light source to bother.

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