Lighting An Alexandria, VA Home

How Premier Outdoor Lighting Brightens The McAuliffe Home

This Is How We Do It!

Have you ever been in this situation- you're talking to a contractor and they're bragging about themselves and their business? It's as though all you're hearing is how great they are at their job. Well, we're not them.

We want to instead show you how we do our jobs and the end result. This project is the first of many chances for you to see our work. Laura McAuliffe was looking to light up her beautiful backyard so she could enjoy it at night. This is the process we took together to illuminate her home!

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About The Job

The pond was a nightmare. Wait, ponds, this is a lighting blog right? Yes, but Laura McAuliffe has a backyard with a beautiful pond Premier Ponds took care of last September. Before we went in, the pond was algae-ridden and leaky, an eyesore. She hadn't been able to enjoy her backyard for years, and when she finally decided it was time she came to us. We went in and got it all nice and clean, took care of the leak, and made a great friend out of Laura. She hung out with us while we worked, made us coffee, brought water and lunch, and overall we had a great time together. She was so happy with the experience she immediately went to Premier Lighting when she decided to light her yard. We ended up installing 30 or so weather brass light fixtures we got from Unique Lighting Systems.

Andrew going over the design with Laura McAuliffe

The whole design took about an hour and the actual installation was about 8 hours. We knew we could do it in 1 day if we had all the materials plus some extra in case Laura or one of us had any last minute ideas. We did end up adding more lights, so it's a good thing we came prepared!

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The Pre-Lighting Stage

One of the first thing we do after the hiring process is talk ideas with Laura McAuliffe. We do have our own creative license when it comes to these jobs, but if clients have specific ideas in mind we can try to incorporate them. The only things she wants are it to not look like Disneyland or have complaints from the neighbors. There are a couple areas she wants to be lit, so we'll incorporate them into the design. Our plan is to put in uplights for the statues and some trees, pathway lights, and some underwater lights for the pond. These are a few of the different types of outdoor lighting we have in our arsenal. After confirming the plans, we went to work.

Disneyland lit up at night

The Alexandria Lighting Installation

The installation didn't take long, only 8 hours. Here's what we lit up to brighten Laura's night in Alexandria, VA:

Pond Lighting for The McAuliffe Home

Ponds are a great addition to any home, but to get the most out of it, adding lights is the way to go. There are many reasons to add LED pond lights, one being people can enjoy their pond day or night! They also show where the edge of the pond is so anyone can tell how close they are to the edge. The lights near the bottom show off the natural look of the rocky bottom, the aquatic plants growing around them, and allow people to see their fish at night. Next on our list is the trees and statues.

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Underwater lighting for Alexandria pond
Different angle of McCauliffe pond lights

Uplighting for Trees and Statues

Museums and art galleries have lighting for their art, and now Laura will too. Uplights have many uses, a couple being to show off statues and highlight trees. So we use them to do exactly that. Now her yard's art will be visible at night too. Not only that, but they'll take on a new look due to the lighting and atmosphere change occurring at night. It's like two art pieces for the price of one! We also put some lights at the base of trees so Laura can get a nice shadow effect from them. We could have put in some moon lighting, but they didn't get put in our plan. Now we are going to add pathway lights for safety and aesthetic.

4 cherub statues on side of McCauliffe property in Silver Spring, MD with uplights shining on them
Uplights for 2 tall trees in McCauliffe backyard in Silver Springs, MD

Pathway Lights

No need to say "Watch Your Step" anymore with pathway lighting! These pathway lights will help Laura and everyone who comes over to enjoy her backyard from any angle. They can find their way to the benches, walk around to see the plants, even enjoy the statue by the pond. What's more, the pathway lights on the side allow for easy entry without entering the house. This can help guests get in the backyard and enjoy it right from the start.

Pathway lights along the side of the house
Pathway lights around the pond

Let's take a look at some Day and Night pictures

Day and Night


McAuliffe pond during the daylightMcAuliffe pond at night


Pathway on side of McAuliffe home during dayMcAuliffe side path at night with path lights


In The End

$15,000 later, Laura is now in love with her backyard. Well, you can judge for yourself whether or not we did a great job. What we do know is Laura's enjoying her new outdoor lights and that's what matters to us. If you end up not liking our work, that's ok too. What we can do is ensure you hire a good lighting company. Our industry has a bad name because of a few dishonest contractors.

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