3 Of The Best Outdoor Lighting Companies In Maryland

You Deserve Only The Best Outdoor Lighting Company For Your Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virginia Home

Some Of The Best Landscape Lighting Companies Near You

People have been, and are being, taught that contractors are not trustworthy. It’s like they are comparing us to sleazy used car salesmen who try to take advantage of people by selling them a lemon.

We admit, there are a few bad apples helping to ruin good, honest contractors’ reputations.

Thankfully, we have ways to combat these bad apples: reviews/testimonials, photos and videos, and best of all, live videos (like Facebook Live). These can all help build brand trust between great companies and potential clients such as yourself. We want to go one step further and help you sift through all the bad and mediocre outdoor lighting companies.

You can use our knowledge of the lighting industry in Maryland and Northern Virginia to find 3 of the best outdoor lighting companies. They provide great customer service along with a fantastic final product.

Hopefully these companies use one of these 3 best lighting brands >>

Award for the best outdoor lighting companies in Maryland and Northern Virginia

Landscape Lighting Designers Plus

From what we can see, Craig of Landscape Lighting Designers Plus is the man. He is mentioned in every review that has words (excluding those that are just a rating).

This does make it seem like the customer service outweighs the final product, but this may not be the case:

Google Review
5 Stars

“Craig Collins of Landscape Lighting Designers Plus put together a carefully thought out lighting plan for our large front and side yard eight years ago…Craig listened to what we wanted and took a personal interest in making sure everything was perfect..”.

  • Allie Ammerman

Outdoor Illumination

These self-titled “landscapers of light” have done some great outdoor lighting work over the years. Not only do they do residential work but they also do commercial and irrigation work.

Their reach has expanded into Florida, the Carolinas, and the Maryland/DC/Virginia areas.

There isn’t much detail on the people who run/are a part of the company, but the reviews they get from clients are good:

Google Review
5 Stars

“Just an awesome company to work with.  Design – excellent. Workmanship – excellent.  I made a couple of changes after the work was done, and they came out and made them quickly and with no complaints.  Excellent!”

  • Jason Downie

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Want To See The 2019 Lighting Trends?

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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives Of Baltimore

This is a franchising company, so if you want more of a local company then you may want to pick another from this list.

But, from the customer reviews and pictures, this company seems like they have the talent for outdoor lighting. They certainly believe in themselves, and you can tell because they say they are the number one all over their website.

Their customers seem to think they are one of the better outdoor lighting companies too:

Google Review
5 Stars

“Excellent service. The owner and his team were very easy to work with. They were creative and exceeded our expectations in setting up patio lights.”

  • David Hurwitz

Premier Outdoor Lighting Of Maryland

Before you scroll up, up, and away, at least hear us out as to why we are on our own list.

We put ourselves here as the 4th option because we truly believe we can give you and all our clients excellent customer service along with a fantastic final product:

Google Review
5 Stars

“…These people are quality workmen, enthusiastic, and most importantly, good people.  We are absolutely thrilled with the outcome of the project and we would give them a high recommendation…”

  • Mike Dugan

Our one true goal is to help you attain your ideal outdoor lighting for your home, even if it isn’t with us.

What Are Your Trust Factors?

We would love to know what it is that causes you to trust one contracting company over another. Is it reviews, photos/videos, or is it not until the initial phone call or site consultation?

You can let us know by putting your opinion in the comments below.

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