3 Must-Have Landscape Lighting Ideas For Your Burtonsville Home

A Few Amazing Ideas For Illuminating Your Maryland, DC, Or Northern Virginia Landscape

The 3 must-have landscape lighting ideas for Burtonsville homes include illuminating travel areas like paths and driveways, lighting your actual house and outdoor structures, and brightening your natural areas. You can light them in multiple ways, such as by using moon lighting or garden lights.

Of course, that probably doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about these outdoor lighting ideas for your home.

Beautiful path lighting as well as tree and statue illumination

How do you feel when you come up to a home that has landscape lighting? Many people feel welcome and safe, as though it was lit up just for them (which can be the case in some situations).

You can provide this feeling for your family, guests and even yourself. This can be especially true if you use some of these landscape lighting ideas for your outdoor areas.

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1. Lighting Travel Areas Through Your Landscape

You like being able to see where you’re walking, right? Everyone does, which is why illuminating travel areas like paths and driveways is always a good idea.

Plus, you can make them look amazing too.

Staggering the lights is a good idea because then you’ll avoid the airstrip effect where your driveway and paths look like they could land planes. It is a good idea to place the lights about 6 feet apart with a light on the opposite side halfway between.

Flush lights are another good idea, especially for driveways. Since they are even with the ground they can’t be knocked over and they aren’t likely to break. It also makes for an amazing effect.

You can also use garden or bollard lights for paths and driveways and, if you want to get real fancy, moonlighting for your driveway:

Moon lighting shining down on a driveway

Motion sensor lights are fantastic for areas that are less traveled but still need lighting. You can save money and energy this way, plus these areas can involve a surprise! They are also great for the area of driveway closest to the house.

Speaking of the house, you can add lighting to it as well.

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2. Adding Lighting To Showcase Your House & Outdoor Structures

You can literally show your house in a different light once night falls.

Try putting uplights between the bushes and the side of your house. They’ll light up the sides of your home, brightening the darker areas and showcasing your home. If you have brick siding it can create an interesting display of light and shadow.

Wall sconces are great for lighting entrances, including garages. They can add a sort of regal feel to your home while also brightening the entrance, which can mean no more fumbling the key into the lock.

If you have a deck, patio, gazebo, or any other outdoor structure/area you can add lighting to it too. Imagine having late night family time outside, laughing and talking with friends, or enjoying quiet time with only the stars for company.

String lights used to illuminate an outdoor area

String lighting is great for gazebo areas and anything with an overhead structure. It can provide a relaxing and fun atmosphere.

Step lights are fantastic because they help prevent people from stumbling when using stairs.

Tiki torches are another great and unique option for outdoor structures because they can also help keep the bugs at bay (they also look really neat). Moon lighting can be useful here as well because it can brighten larger areas.

You can make the most of your outdoor living areas by adding landscape lighting.

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3. Illuminating Your Natural Areas

You are probably proud of the landscaping in your natural areas, so why should they only be enjoyed during the day?

  • Garden lights can be placed right next to your favorite flowers and plants
  • Moon lighting can illuminate entire areas for your enjoyment
  • Uplighting can create amazing scenes using statues and trees
  • Retaining wall lights can add another dimension to your yard

You can use almost any type of lighting to enhance your natural areas and put your favorite areas on display for you and everyone else to enjoy.

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Which Area Would You Light First?

Each idea can transform part of your outdoor area into a nighttime wonderland, but not everybody wants to use all 3. We would love to know which area you would want to light: travel area, structures, or natural areas (combinations are welcome too).

You can let us know your favorite area(s) in the comments below.

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